A SOFTWARE specialist which has devised a simple and cost-effective way to prevent infection from Legionnaire’s Disease is a contender for the Technology title at The Press Business Awards.

Heslington-based Digital Missives Limited said it began in 2005 and was now “a complete software house providing simple solutions to specific problems”. One of the most successful was a system called L8guard.

While working with NHS trusts director Tim Moore identified a logistical problem with the accurate collection and collation of low-use water outlet flushing records, necessary in preventing infection from legionella (Legionnaire’s Disease) and pseudomonas (Pseudomonas Aeruginosa).

L8guard addresses the challenges with identifying and managing low-use water outlets, replacing paper-based logging systems “by automatically sending out location-specific notification emails.

“This allows the user to easily log the low-use water outlet risk assessment, either confirming there are no low-use outlets to report, identifying new low-use water outlets or reporting a fault or lack of access. “

The company said almost ten per cent of NHS trusts had purchased L8guard since its conception five years ago.