NESTLÉ UK & Ireland have become the first major confectionary company in the UK and Ireland to have 100 per cent certified sustainable cocoa in its chocolate.

The company - which has its confectionary headquarters in York - will have its entire range made using certified sustainable cocoa from January 1.

Andrew McIver, managing director, confectionery, Nestlé UK & Ireland said: “In achieving this landmark milestone, Nestlé UK & Ireland is demonstrating its long-term commitment to making a real difference to cocoa farmers and their communities. The Nestlé Cocoa Plan is helping farmers to run profitable farms, support the elimination of child labour and ensure a sustainable supply of cocoa. Consumers here in the UK can enjoy their favourite products with the confidence that they are made with cocoa that comes from 100 per cent certified sustainable sources”.

UTZ Certified and the Fairtrade Foundation worked with Nestle to confirm independent certification that the cocoa was sourced and produced sustainably from farms with safe working conditions.

UTZ aims to ensure better lives for producers while still maintaining a cost effective sustainability program for businesses.

Daan de Vries, Markets Director at UTZ, said: “Our vision at UTZ is that sustainability becomes the norm. Nestlé’s commitment is a step towards that vision. By buying responsibly grown ingredients, Nestlé helps to improve farmers’ lives, while assuring a stable supply in a turbulent context of climate change and other big challenges.”

Nestlé claims to be first major confectionery company to achieve the "landmark milestone" here.

Nestlé says it wants to give consumers the confidence to know its cocoa products come from 100 per cent certified sustainable sources.