FORTY new jobs are to be created in York as the city welcomes a new restaurant delivery service.

Deliveroo has launched in York following recently successful launches in Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester.

The business, founded in 2013 by William Shu and Greg Orlowski, offers customers in York the chance to order meals from a variety of local, independent and high-quality chain restaurants.

The firm's expansion will create forty new jobs in York over the next year, and will bring significant increased revenues to partner restaurants according to bosses. Manchester and Leeds restaurants have reported an increase of up to 30 per cent in revenues.

Over twenty restaurants, including Carluccio’s, ASK Italian and The York Roast Co., have already signed up to Deliveroo’s proprietary end-to-end technology and logistics platform, which enables them to offer delivery for the first time without the hassle of running their own fleet of drivers.

Caroline Hazlehurst, regional manager of Deliveroo North East, said: "York has a thriving food culture, yet busy consumers are missing the opportunity to have good food delivered from the best restaurants to their homes and offices.

"With the launch of Deliveroo, customers will be able to enjoy quality food delivered quickly and consistently, whether it’s burgers, burritos or gravy-filled Yorkshire puddings."

Deliveroo has already seen growth across the UK as its customer base has doubled since January, with the service adding more than 50 restaurants this month in the North East alone.

Ms Hazlehurst said: "Our launch in York is a significant step in our plan to become the nation’s best food delivery company.

"We’ve quickly established an enthusiastic base of repeat customers in our twenty seven towns and cities of operation in the UK, and look forward to doing the same in York."