A HARROGATE businessman is hoping to attract national interest in his latest web-based scheme designed to offer a platform for consumer feedback.

Jamie Snape has launched Feedback Scheme in a bid to offer consumers a system for complaining to UK companies.

Mr Snape said: "Until now every company was forced to setup its own feedback website which they print hopefully on the bottom of their till receipts or invoices.

"If the customer does decide to visit the site they tend to be greeted by long questionnaires which often just go to a head-office administrator, and that's not really what the consumer wants."

Feedback Scheme aims to be used by the majority of restaurants, hotels, car dealerships and shops within 24 months of launch.

Mr Snape added: "I fully expect Feedback Scheme membership will quickly become something people just expect to see from any UK business of quality, as put simply it will demonstrate they actually care about what their customers think, and will want to quickly rectify any problems locally."