A FORMER York student who went on to set up her own coffee business in the city is now looking to filter ethics into enterprise.

Bethan Vincent is behind a new ethical accreditation scheme for businesses called Bright Ethics.

Currently in its pilot phase, Bright Ethics is working with businesses in York to establish an ethical standard for firms to work towards, culminating in accreditation to the scheme.

Twenty-four-year-old Bethan Vincent, who launched her business Vincent's Coffee while studying at the University of York, is leading the Bright Ethics scheme.

She said: "The idea for Bright Ethics came out of some research from the University of Hull's Business School in 2012, however the founder of the scheme had to leave the company and it came to a bit of stand still.

"I already had a massive interest in ethical business and was asked to lead on Bright Ethics and take if forward."

Miss Vincent's appointment was in March last year, after which the Bright Ethics team has been working to reform the ethical standard while bringing on board businesses to find out the best ways to implement the accreditation scheme.

Miss Vincent said: "The pilot is going really well and we will hopefully already have some key clients on board when we officially launch.

"There are many benefits to acting ethically, and build on a business's social obligation to look after its workforce and customers.

"As well as increasing brand valuation and good will, it strengthens relationships and reputations, and creates a more positive work environment, leading to greater staff retention.

With two assessors already on board, Bright Ethics will initially roll out in the York area with longer terms plans set to see it taken into the wider county.

Businesses who receive Bright Ethics accreditation will be awarded the scheme's registered trademark for use on products and promotion materials.

Miss Vincent said: "In order to respond to increasing interest, organisations need to make visible and measurable commitments to ethical practices.

"It's no longer just enough to be compliant with legal requirements, organisations need to be committed to building, maintaining and improving their ethical culture.

"We want to help businesses work towards sustainable and measurable ethical goals. Our mission it to work closely with our clients and help them develop an ethical approach which is both viable and robust."