Is your business doing something innovative in the field of science or technology?

Are you driving technological advancement and improving on what’s already in the market?

If so, there is a high likelihood that you could be eligible to claim thousands in Research and Development tax credits.

Garbutt + Elliott have an experienced and specialist team who can support you through the entire process.

To date we have claimed back a staggering £3 million plus of tax repayments, which continues to grow year on year and sees no sign of slowing down. What’s more we have not yet had a claim rejected by HMRC.

The R&D tax credits scheme is open to all companies and in the last financial year SMEs claimed roughly half of the total £3.5 billion paid out to companies of all sizes.

So what is a claim worth to your business?

If you have an SME your business may be eligible for extra tax relief of 130 per cent. Profitable companies can claim up to a 25 per cent tax reduction whilst loss making companies can claim up to 33.35 per cent cash back.

The eligibility is broader than you may think and we have in depth knowledge of many sectors to help you maximise your claim.

If you would like to informally discuss your eligibility please contact Steven Holmes on or 01904 464100.

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