By Craig Halliday, of D E Ford

AS we enter the final few days before Christmas if you are anything like me you will be preoccupied with last minute gift buying, making sure the Christmas food order is complete and planning festive arrangements with friends and family.

Many of us wish for a fall of snow to really make the festive season, but while on the film screen this is often a delight, the inclement weather can create many problems, by just taking a few simple precautions, major problems can be avoided.

Falling temperatures can often result in frozen and burst pipes.

A small fracture can release gallons of water which can cause much damage to a property and its contents.

If you are planning on being away from home for some time over the festive period it is advisable to drain down and shut off the water systems in the home.

An insurance company will usually offer trace and access assistance to locate the leak and address the damage arising from the escape of water so always ensure you have their contact number to hand.

As property owners we also have a duty of care towards visitors and reasonable steps should be taken to clear a path to remove standing accumulations of snow and ice.

And finally, if Father Christmas has been generous to you or your family members, it is recommended to check your contents insurance sums insured, to ensure any new technology, jewellery, bikes etc are suitably covered.

* Craig Halliday is claims manager at D E Ford Insurance Brokers

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