By Zach Gray

WITHOUT entering into a debate around the nature of the consumerism-led, capitalist society that we live in, how much of our time do we dedicate to work and the accumulation of money to pay for our houses and everything that goes inside it?

It strikes me that we spend the first six or seven years struggling to save a deposit (when there are many, many more exciting things to spend money on) to buy a house and we then spend the next 25 to 30 years working hard to pay for a mortgage.

Those involved in the running of a business will often concentrate their efforts on their work and will often have no problem in scrutinising the insurance protection they have in place. When they look at their house insurance, however the eyes glaze over with a lack of interest.

It is important that we all take the time to review the cover and protection we each have in place for the biggest single purchase we make in our lifetime.

More and more of us can drive our own quotes online through the aggregator sites, however, it is not the case that one size fits all here and there are some who need a more personal and bespoke approach.

Taking one hour to review what is in place and making sure it is correct can be one of the best things we can all do – and don’t be afraid to insist on a personal one-to-one service – as with anything in life, cheap is often not that cheerful…

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