by Paul Crane, Head of Ultra Fibre Optic Engagement for TalkTalk

Bringing your business up to speed with ‘full fibre’

WE all use multiple devices in our offices and homes at the same time. However, getting online to access information at the tap or scroll of a screen is still a problem for many businesses. Slow internet, unreliable speeds and buffering means inefficiency and frustration for employees, as well as reduced productivity for employers. The demand for faster broadband speeds and all you can eat bandwidth shows no sign of slowing down. And why would it? With a record breaking four billion data users worldwide.

However, in the UK, we are woefully behind in the Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) space, known as Full Fibre, in comparison to our neighbouring countries, with only four per cent of the country connected in this way.

‘Full fibre’ is the future of Digital Britain. It means using a single fibre optic connection all the way from the exchange directly into your premises. York is a great city for arts, culture, education and business, so by giving this progressive city exclusive access before the rest of the UK with York’s Ultra Fibre Optic from TalkTalk is properly exciting for us.

Twenty times faster than ‘standard fibre’ York’s Ultra Fibre Optic delivers lightning fast speeds of up to one Gigabit per second (1,000Mb/s). Powerful enough to withstand as much usage as your business can throw at it, no matter how many people are online or how much data is involved. It means an unbeatably stable, consistently reliable connection and that downloading, streaming, and uploading is lightning fast, even at peak times. Once connected it is completely scalable and so will be totally future proof.

With unlimited usage and at affordable prices, it’s super powerful and everything you need to keep your business ahead of the game.

* York’s Ultra Fibre Optic from TalkTalk is available to businesses and homes in Dringhouses, Woodthorpe, Rawcliffe, Clifton, Huntington, New Earswick and parts of The Groves. It will be available to 55,000 homes and businesses across the city once the project is completed in a years’ time. To find out how if you can connect and how we can help your business go to and enter your postcode.

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