Whilst the government claims to be trying to ease the burden on businesses in terms of rules and regulations, the fact remains that businesses still need to comply with a whole raft of requirements.

The penalties for failing to manage risks effectively within a business are higher than ever with some companies recently being fined more than £1 million for significant health and safety breaches.

Risk management goes beyond just health and safety and current issues include the impending GDPR regulations covering data protection and the increasing concerns of cyber risks. The HSE are also currently urging companies to consider the health and welfare of their staff and implement effective procedures to manage these issues. The costs of failing to do this on the overall economy are enormous.

There are a number of factors in determining the amount of assistance your organisation may require, these can include the number of employees, the type of business and the current systems in place. All businesses no matter how large or small need to have systems in place to ensure you are meeting even the basic health & safety regulations.

If you are unsure of your organisation’s risk management needs, seek advice from a risk management consultant whose experience and knowledge will enable you to focus on what’s important to your business whilst ensuring you have the correct safety measures in place.

Leigh Adamson is Risk Manager at PIB Risk Management; providing comprehensive risk management services to all types of commercial and charity organisations across York and the rest of the UK.

PIB Risk Management was formed from two leading risk management providers, Ford Risk Management and Sigerson Associates, bringing years of experience and expertise together to form a truly unique business.

PIB Risk Management is part of PIB Group, one of the fastest growing insurance groups in the UK with offices across the UK. The integration of effective risk management with a well organised insurance programme is the best way to protect your business and your employees, and deliver better solutions and insurance outcomes.

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