IF you are looking for a local businessman with a history to match that of an International Man of Mystery - Edgar Andrews, managing director of Stamford Bridge based Consultancy Team, is your man.

With a 20 year career spanning the globe that has taken him from high level security work, international shipping management and technological design and installation on several world “firsts” to consultation on a number of highly classified projects, Mr Andrews is a business tour de force.

As managing director at Consultancy Team, Mr Andrews overseas a group of professionals and experts providing creative AV designs, innovation and technical services across a range of entertainment and event industries.

The key concentrations are: cruise ships, museums, planetariums, theatres, events and public spaces. As a local business they look forward to continuing to provide services to other Yorkshire based enterprises and see working together on a local level as an important part of their future.

Mr Andrews said: “I enjoy managing a full spectrum of services - from consulting, design, production, and audio visual installation, to set and staging, decor and style. I put our success down to a nurturing business model which genuinely cares for and protects our staff. Satisfaction at work is key to a business’ success and our team members are incredibly happy with their working environment.”

Indeed Mr Andrews serves his staff well, with packages above and beyond the norm, including personal training, extended paid festive breaks and recognising not only English Bank Holidays but those of his homeland Denmark plus the United States.

The company are also generous in terms of charity. Over the last few years Consultancy Team has donated more than £1.5 million to charity Mercy Ships, in financial donations, man time, craftsmanship and product.

What job would you like to have and why?

“I’d love to be in the police force – I think it would be a really rewarding challenge and everyday would be different. It’s quite fun not knowing what the day will throw at you.

What’s your greatest achievement?

“It’s actually classified information but aside from that it would be my success with Consultancy Team, which is a huge achievement that I am incredibly proud of.

What’s your biggest mistake?

“Oh I have many – but no one is perfect! You can’t go back and change them so you need to learn and move forward.

What do you need to make life complete?