A FIRM of solicitors who are constantly striving to deliver a uniquely imaginative service with innovative initiatives is a contender for a Business Press award.

Roche Legal, nominated for the Business Innovation of the Year title, are driven by their promise to deliver a service that revolves around a “real” authorised and regulated solicitor while also harnessing new technologies.

“As a direct result of our collective mission to utilise technology to add real value to our service, we have developed and launched a series of programmes designed to help both clients and fellow solicitors.

“Our latest innovative development is the creation of “Solicitor Check” - an online programme that will be accessible to the public to help clarify what legal advice is on offer following the shake-up in regulation of the profession by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

"Under the proposed changes, consumer protection could be affected and there is potential for confusion with a sudden proliferation of legal services, both regulated and unregulated, on the high street.

"Our programme is designed to give the public a clear idea of who they are dealing with and is planned to be launched to coincide with the new SRA Standards and Regulations later this year.

“We have also developed a delivered a cutting-edge online Will writing and Lasting Power of Attorney programme and also a bespoke online English Grants of Administration system for solicitors outside the England and Wales jurisdiction. Our inventive use of technology enables our team to work collaboratively, whether they are in the offices in York and Harrogate or working remotely.

"This ensures clear lines of communication which means we can implement significant change without the constraints of a larger firm. Despite our small size, we act for clients both nationwide and abroad due to our flexible approach and our positive use of new systems.”

The Will writing and Lasting Power of Attorney programme was introduced in 2018. "We believe it’s one of the most straight-forward online Will writing and LPA programs available with just four sections for the client to complete and is one of the first delivered online by a fully authorised and regulated sole practitioner firm.