Abaxis UK has been nominated for The Press Business awards 2017

TECHNOLOGY developed for use in space laboratories led to the Abaxis UK mission to supply point-of-care blood analysers to the medical and veterinarian markets.

It provides leading edge technology, tools and services that support best medical practices, enabling doctors and veterinarians to respond to the health needs of clients at the point of care while operating economical and profitable practices.

Globally Abaxis has been selling the VetScan product range for over 20 years and the genesis of Abaxis and the technology used in the equipment took place in Texas, where under contract to NASA, scientists sought to develop and manufacture a small biochemical analyser for use in space laboratories.

The company's UK operation is based in Dunnington where Abaxis has transformed the business with one simple motto: ‘exceed expectations’.

Last year was a busy one internally with the development of the head office completed and the acquisition of a second site, dedicated to warehouse and technical services.

The refurbished and redesigned premises has given room to expand in-house staff, with more than 20 people, all based locally, working full time from the office, customer service, finance, marketing, quality control, warehouse, technical support and service.

New dedicated rooms have allowed more staff training for existing and new staff and the company also offers apprenticeships.

This rapid rise was driven by the arrival of MD Brian Renn, who joined from Abaxis in California in April 2016. He brought with him the American ‘can-do’ attitude, a will to succeed and a strong work ethic.