A GRADUATE who started her own coffee venture at the age of 23 is now leading a new accreditation scheme to promote ethical trade.

Bethan Vincent is a director of Bright Ethics, which was founded last year in response to the growing consumer desire for organisations to act in a trustworthy and ethical manner.

Responsible for business development and overall management of Bright Ethics, Ms Vincent is vying for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year title, while putting the venture forward for the New Business of the Year award.

She said: "While the ethical economy has grown massively, we noticed that there was no clear way for consumers to tell who was actually delivering on their promises, as opposed to those just using greenwashing to boost sales.

"We want to be the trusted signifier of an ethical organisation for both businesses and the consumer, helping to reward those who act with ethics in mind with higher sales, strengthened reputation, better PR and support from a network of likeminded businesses."

After a significant period of research and development Bright Ethis is now, as of summer this year, piloting its ethical accreditation across the Yorkshire region, with plans to expand nationwide.

Alongside Bright Ethics, Miss Vincent continues to run Vincent's Coffee, the business she founded shortly after graduating from the University of York in the summer of 2013.

Vincent’s Coffee is still trading with a focus on retail supply online and in supermarkets, and was founded on the principles of excellent products combined with exemplary ethics.

Miss Vincent said: "I started Vincent’s will my own personal savings and a small amount of private investment. I have also received an immense amount of support, both financial and guidance based, from the University of York, which I am extremely grateful for."

Vincent’s coffee currently retails online and in independent Yorkshire based retailers, and is currently in negotiations with a national retailer with the aim of gaining a regional listing which will have the potential to grow into national distribution.

As well as her involvement in the two businesses, Miss Vincent is a director of Coffee Yard Media, which publishes the popular local food magazine, York on a Fork.

She is also part of a committee seeking to set up a Guild of Entrepreneurs in the City of York.