Maternity clothes have improved hugely in recent years, with many popular brands now producing items that mean pregnant women can buy the same kind of clothes they would usually choose. So why should underwear be any different?

After talking to friends and family and researching online, Kathryn Vint realised that there was a very limited amount of “nice” let alone “classy” maternity lingerie for sale on the high street and online.

And so Mumty Bumpty was born, to offer an online, one-stop-shop for attractive and affordable nursing lingerie. Now Kathryn is aiming high with her entries in The Press Business Awards for Small Business Of The Year and Retailer Of The Year.

Having worked in marketing, search engine optimisation and on various e-commerce websites, Kathryn possessed all the know-how to create an appealing and easy-to-use online shop. Her “mum-based” research showed that what was already available was less than exciting and so Mumty Bumpty set out to give women a reliable choice of well-fitting maternity underwear in sumptuous fabrics and appealing designs.

She says: “Of course, there are practical elements to incorporate when you are expecting or nursing, but you can still be true to your personal style and taste and enjoy gorgeous underwear. We’ve sourced some great products in the UK and Europe and are always looking to expand our range. The feedback we’ve received for both our lingerie and our customer service has been phenomenal.

“Mumty Bumpty celebrates the natural beauty of the female form, through all its changes during pregnancy and motherhood, with charming lingerie that is comfortable, sexy and appealing and which makes every woman feel extra special during this wonderful time.”