LAST week Twitter finally found itself being banned in Nigeria, and curiously, they suddenly decided cancel culture wasn’t very nice after all. Now I’ve got no particular interest in the politics of Nigeria, but when the tech giants start censoring politicians they become political activists and should rightly be dealt with when they go out of their way to suppress free speech.

If they want to police peoples lives they should stand for election.

And it's getting very serious now. The activity of these firms can affect everything from election results to people's jobs with no accountability.

If the new Indiana Jones film being made in Yorkshire was set in the 21st century, archaeology would consist of some left wing teenager trawling through a cricketer's social media posts looking for something they can pretend to be offended about.

Obviously that retains the classic element of fascists playing the bad guy, but it wouldn’t produce a good film would it?

We should be boycotting these apps, put their Californian bosses out of business and return to living in the real world.

Dr Scott Marmion,