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COLUMN: Why broccoli is good for you

OUR weekly vegetable box has been getting heavier of late with the arrival of more cruciferous vegetables. Black kale, green kale, January King cabbage, purple cabbage, cauliflower – we’ve had them all. Well, nearly all. We haven’t started on the January King cabbage yet, and half the purple cabbage is in a jar slowly transforming into sauerkraut.

HEALTH COLUMN: Don't have a brew immediately after eating

THE familiar phrase “you are what you eat” is only really partly true. A more accurate version would be “you are what you absorb”. We can eat all the healthy foods in the world, but if we are unable to absorb and use their nutrients properly, we’re at a bit of a loss.

COLUMN: Eat well for your mental health

This month sees World Mental Health Day take place on October 10th. It’s been refreshing to see the rise in public conversations about mental health thanks to the tireless work of charities like MIND and high-profile figures such as Prince Harry speaking out about it.

COLUMN: Enjoy Sourdough September

September is a busy month for food producers and food lovers in our region. The York Food Festival takes place later this month; Organic September sees local independent retailers promoting and celebrating organic foods and organic farming; and last but by no means least, it’s Sourdough September!

Column: Eat your way to sun protection

THE weather has been busy lately with a blistering mini-heatwave, thunder, lightning, and heavy downpours. A day out involves taking umbrellas, jackets, and sunscreen!

COLUMN: The power of herbs

EARLY summer is a fantastic time for herbs. My small herb patch includes a vigorous lemon balm, lovage, rosemary, three chive plants, sage, lavender, and a fennel that seems a bit scared of its neighbour, a rather wild chocolate mint.

Column: Eat berries to lower your blood pressure

AS we head towards summer, we move into berry season. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries: all can be classed as ‘superfoods’ thanks to their high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants – plant pigments with anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing effects.