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Album of the Week : Starsailor, All This Life (Cooking Vinyl) ****

STARSAILOR, despite a succession of excellent albums, remain on the outside of the music business. Too cerebral and challenging to appeal to the mindless masses who devour Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and Take That, the band remains curiously out of favour with the hipper elements of rock.

CD review: The Coral, Distance Inbetween (Ignition) ****

DISTANCE Inbetween, The Coral’s latest burst of quintessentially English psychedelia, harks back on an earlier age, that of the late Small Faces and the early Deep Purple, of the Moody Blues and Syd Barrett, bridging the gap between the classic three-minute single of the 1960s and the behemoth that was prog rock in the 1970s.