• Blah, blah, Blair

    I AM sick of Tony Blair's threats to Saddam Hussein and the waste of tax payers' money on sending planes to Iraq. Why is it that we are promised more cuts in everything and more indirect taxation then we spend a bomb in Serbia and Iraq when it has nothing

  • Julian Cole

    Slang is mint and cool, you tyke my word WELL, pardon me for being a mush-head, schlemiel and prune - or, perhaps, a gazook, palooka and droop. A letter printed on this page on Monday drew attention to certain perceived failings in the nature of this

  • Drowning our tower

    Clifford's Tower will soon be forgotten because the shops are gradually getting nearer and, before long, higher. Why can't the council put a lovely garden around it with trees and shrubs where visitors can sit back after all their shopping and admire

  • City before profit

    ROY Templeman's claim that there has been a change in circumstances since the original planning brief for Coppergate II was drawn up beggars belief (Evening Press, November 16). There may have been some commercial changes in that Monks Cross and Naburn

  • Why so disgusted?

    I AM astonished that in your report on the dispute between Selby Swimming Club and Selby District Council (Evening Press, November 11) that the club should state it is 'disgusted' by my comments on pool charges. The fact is that the District Council's

  • Cash crisis in Parks

    A YEAR spent walking 600 miles of footpaths in the National Parks researching and writing a book about the Lake District has given me time to consider the pressing issues facing our National Parks. This part of our national culture is grossly underfunded

  • Kids must complain more

    Children should complain more about things in York that bother them, the city's Lord Mayor said today. Coun Derek Smallwood made the plea as he faced about 100 primary schoolchildren at a special conference. He did not have to wait long for a response

  • North Yorks drivers among best of British

    The all-action Network Q Rally Great Britain starts on Sunday and over two million fans are expected to be drawn to the three-day spectacular. This year it returns to Cheltenham and the 28 special stages and 240 miles of competitive driving will take

  • Whyte sunk by hot-shot Taylor's cue

    KEN Taylor of Bootham Conservative Club won the York Conservative Clubs' Les Hawkins Memorial Snooker Trophy for the second time in four years when he defeated Clive Whyte (Heworth) in the final at Bootham Conservative Club. After Whyte had gone in-off

  • Bear-faced swindle

    The discovery of thousands of fake Diana teddy bears in York shows the scale of the industry built around the late Princess. Trading standards officials estimate the haul is worth an astonishing £300,000. Their good work has prevented the Princess Diana

  • Harriers run away with lead

    KNAVESMIRE Harriers' men's team top the table after an excellent cross-country showing at Hartlepool in the North Yorkshire South Durham League. Andy Capel spearheaded the charge with his best-ever cross-country performance to finish in third place (31m

  • Helping hand for the disabled

    AS CROWDS flock to York for the Christmas rush and we all start complaining about being jostled and jolted, just pause for a moment and imagine being unable to walk. We all want to do our Christmas shopping, we want the freedom to get around and see what

  • Band of gold

    A SMALL band of York City Baths Club swimmers returned from the City of Leicester Age Group and Open Meet bathed in glory. A total of eight personal best short course times (PBSCT) were set, resulting in fourteen finalist positions and a medal haul of

  • Black picture

    BACK in the black York City face dark days ahead without transfer cash. The club's latest balance sheet confirms the grim statistic that City will always be a selling club. Despite the year ending June 30, 1998, showing that City made an after-tax profit

  • York dad slams delay in equal help for widowers

    A York widower called today for the Government to start paying its new widowed parents allowance straight away. Frank Healy, 46, of Dringhouses, is one of thousands of widowers across Britain who will benefit from the Government's decision to extend the

  • Putting pubs on the map

    York's pubs are going down the tubes. And it is all down to one man - designer Jim Somerville. He has created a new map of the city hostelries based on the London Underground map. Mr Somerville undertook some painstaking research, visiting every pub within

  • Arsonist could escape prison sentence

    An arsonist with mental problems has been released from custody in an attempt to find a place for him to live in the community. Terence Richard Deaves faces three years in jail for setting fire to his shop in Helmsley while people slept above it. But

  • Driver killed in car crash

    A MOTORIST died when his car hit a tree after apparently going out of control on a country road north of Ripon. Acting Sergeant Dave Hosney, of North Yorkshire Police, said the accident happened on the B6267 between the A1 and Thornborough at 8pm last

  • Inhumane way to treat pupils

    ON the subject of council tax rises, council leader Rod Hills is quoted as saying we will just have to make the best of it (Evening Press, November 10). Just such a cavalier attitude was also shown in a recent meeting at Queen Anne School. The proposal

  • Same again for Seasiders

    Rejuvenated Scarborough look set to field the same side that earned the 1-0 victory over Rochdale in midweek for tomorrow's visit of Hartlepool. The win - the Seasiders' first in ten games - lifted Boro two places up division three to 21st place. Another

  • Make or break time

    REGARDLESS of what happens at Stoke City this afternoon York City know they have to deliver the goods in four nights' time. Enfield visit Bootham Crescent then, proudly sporting the banner of underdogs in the FA Cup first round replay. City have to topple

  • Peter Mullen : London's calling

    No chance of £30 for grave watch stint Former Evening Press columnist Peter Mullen has settled in his new parish in London so he thought he would write home.. HERE I am then, living in the historic Watch House in the City of London near St Bartholomew's

  • Berwick Kaler : The Millennium Dame

    It's me, the voice of the people... AS A Dame, I'd rather have started at the top, the bottom was a bit crowded". Who said that? I did, you're not listening! Now pay attention because my literary career is starting at the very highest pinnacle with the

  • Sting in the tail

    Only traffic wardens stand a chance of finishing behind the traffic police in the motorists' popularity stakes. Traffic Constable Richard Parsons deploys a stinger during a training exercise Legend has it that instead of catching real criminals, they

  • Hunger strike continues

    Animal rights activist Barry Horne, who is on hunger strike at Full Sutton Prison is, now so weak he is "giving cause for concern". Mr Horne is in his 46th day without food, although he is taking liquids. A Prison Service spokesman said because of his

  • Brother jailed for football fracas

    BROTHERLY love cost a footballer his freedom yesterday. Michael Crowther was jailed for two months after a court heard he stepped in to help his younger brother, Daniel, in a tussle with an opposition player during a needle cup game. But the punch thrown

  • No sweat!

    LIFE is now "no sweat" for teenager Helen Bradley. For 12 years she suffered from a severe form of hyper hydrosis - known as 'sweaty hands' syndrome. Life was a constant embarrassment as she avoided shaking hands with people in case they wiped their hands

  • Battle honour

    YORK soldier Arthur Eckersley was a hero - but for more than 50 years his family didn't know just how brave he was. Mr Eckersley died in May 1940, fighting alongside a battalion of soldiers who made a last stand defending a French village against advancing