Win Findlay

FINDLAY Win A beautiful flower arranger, who faded away on August 27th, 2019 and lies peacefully among her flowers in her garden. She would have been 87 today. Sincere thanks from David and friends Adele and Patrick for all the support since, especially to Tracey at Haxby Funeral Care, Kathryn, Rector at St. Mary's, the flower arrangers at the church and to Lindsey of the Little Bear and Bird Flower Company, for helping me look after Win's grave throughout these strange times and not to forget the help from Colin and Jocelyn at the Haxby Co-Op during lockdown. Win and David were so grateful for the wonderful care given to Win by the Zimbabwean's of the Emmaculate Care Services, based in Selby. Take care, keep safe, Violet, Doleen, Gracious and Ollie.



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    Happy Birthday Win 🌹🌷💐 love from Adele and Family 🌻
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