England will invoke the spirit of Sydney 2010-11 when the final Test against India begins in Nagpur on Thursday.

Alastair Cook's tourists, staffed by at least seven of those who clinched the Ashes down under two winters ago for the first time in a generation, find themselves in an identical situation here. They have opened up a 2-1 lead, with one to play, by slightly different methods.

Swann said: "I think arguably our best victory in Australia was that last one in Sydney, because we had already retained the Ashes. It would have been very easy to just lose in the last game, but we managed to pull out our best game of the tour there and win 3-1."

Should England be hauled back to a 2-2 draw here, it will still be a notable achievement to have kept India at bay in their own conditions - but an anti-climax nonetheless.

"It's a lot more satisfying as a team to finish the job off," said Swann. "We came out here to win the series, and that's still what we're trying to do."

Back in January 2011, Andrew Strauss was the driving force - and remained so, of course, until his surprise retirement and Cook's coronation as captain four months ago. Swann still remembers the team talk before one of England's finest hours at the SCG.

"Straussy just sat us down and said the importance of how much hard work we had put in on that trip would be wasted if the series ended up at 2-2," he said.

"Yes, we would have retained the Ashes - but we'd always feel a little bit let down at the fact we hadn't won the series outright. It worked for us for over there, and it's a good attitude to take in.

"You never want to draw a series; you never want to lose a series; you only ever come out with one aim in mind, and that's to win it.

"I hope in a week's time I or one of my team-mates will be sat here having won man of the match and telling you how well we have played and how magnificent our year has been ... but until then we will wait and see."