GARY THORNTON hopes to take his York City Knights squad back to Henry Wharton’s new gym in future following the boost his players received from their training session there.

As reported by The Press, the Knights went to the plush new establishment in York Road, Acomb, to undergo boxing training from the former super-middleweight world championship contender.

Their visit followed that of Leeds Rhinos boss Brian McDermott, who was preparing for a charity contest in the ring last month.

Thornton said: “Some boxing training is similar to what we do in our conditioning. A lot of rugby players like to do boxing-type training.

“Henry was fantastic and the boys thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m really pleased we did it and I’m sure we’ve got a lot of benefit out of it.”

The session, like that at the Red Goat climbing centre last week, and this weekend’s Army camp near Ripon, have spiced up the Knights’ gruelling pre-season training programme.

Thornton said: “We can’t do a lot of quality training outside with this wintry weather and it was also to freshen things up and keep minds fresh. Henry and his team took the session, with me and Mick Ramsden (assistant-coach) looking on. It was good to see it from a different perspective.

“Henry was impressed with the lads’ fitness and he thought they got stuck in. I think it was a good session from his point of view, too, and I hope he got something out of it as well, delivering a session to people from a different sport to one he coaches.

“It’s a very good, big venue and we were able to do quality work. Massive thanks go to Henry. If we get chance we’d definitely look to do it again.”