Fencing clever to be truly grand up north

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11:00am Saturday 5th April 2014

THERE are times when sport just grabs you by the balls - round or oval, big or small, vinyl or pimpled. And there are times when sport just slides on by.

Tiny steps teeing up a whole revolution

York Press: Morgan Pressel of the USA plays her shot on the first fairway during the second round of the Women's British Open golf championship on the Old Course at St Andrews, Scotland, Friday Aug. 2, 2013. (AP Photo/Scott Heppell). (762713)

12:18pm Saturday 29th March 2014

IN a world which has always been half and half since Adam and Eve strutted the Garden of Eden in their discreetly placed fig leaves, the descendants of the latter have oft been ill-treated in the world of sport.

Tykes legacy strong despite Lions’ woes

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8:00am Saturday 22nd March 2014

THERE used to be a cricket adage that was prevalent and relevant - and possibly still remains so in the deepest areas of the Broad Acres.

Broken eyelash clan shamed by ski aces

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12:29pm Saturday 15th March 2014

TAKE a peek at any professional football match this weekend. Whether it be at an actual game, a live televised showdown, or highlights of several matches, there’s going to be one certainty.

Tee prime puts boot into feast of Brazil

York Press: European Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley, centre, bids to hang on to the trophy, aided by vice-captains Sam Torrance, right, and Des Smyth

11:20am Saturday 8th March 2014

WHICH to choose? Which will excite more – the figure 95 or 202? That’s a numerical teaser currently occupying yours truly.

Evidence of power’s dubious capabilities

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12:41pm Saturday 1st March 2014

POWER corrupts – an old saying definitely, that while it may not be attributable to Confucius, could easily be applied to Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan.

Union drain skill flow

York Press: Sam Burgess

11:28am Saturday 22nd February 2014

TO those who may have read this column before – and the tally might not be enough to fill a telephone-box, though heaven knows how many people actually know what one of those red structures actually look like – rugby union is not a fave around these here parts.

Women in the roar...

York Press: Lizzy Yarnold

11:46am Saturday 15th February 2014

WHAT a week for British women. Medal success book-ended the first seven days of the Winter Olympics in Sochi and two other sports have accorded a timely hike to women.

Review: Fascinating Aida, Charm Offensive, Grand Opera House, York

York Press: Fascinating Aida are Dillie Keane, Liza Pulman and  Adèle Anderson

1:31pm Friday 14th February 2014

CABARET trio Fascinating Aida have been peddling their particular brand of musical cheekiness up and down the country for three decades now.

So glad to be SHOTT of pesky Pietersen

York Press: Kevin Pietersen's England career came to an end this week.

11:04am Saturday 8th February 2014

WHEN the clamour gets too much in the newsroom we have an arts writer who will often treat us to a hollered imprecation – albeit in plum-rich, stentorian tones – declaring “SHOTT OPP”.

Flower cut and more can expect to wither

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8:00am Saturday 1st February 2014

IT’S all over for Andy Flower, the England cricket coach who has paid the highest price for an Australian annihilation.

Time for this community stadium soap opera to end

York Press: A selection of artists’ impressions of the new community stadium as publicised in recent years, but there is still no sign of the final design, let alone construction

10:46am Saturday 25th January 2014

HUSH shushed around the gathering of supporters, some bedecked in favours of red, white and blue, others in two hues of blue, still more in amber and black wasp-like stripes.

Schtum thing... or nothing at all

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12:31pm Saturday 18th January 2014

SILENCE being golden is a mantra too often overlooked in football’s insatiable demand for sound-bites.

All in the hate game

York Press: Tony Kelly

11:02am Saturday 11th January 2014

THOMAS HITZLSPERGER, the latest in a very select band of professional footballers to admit to being homosexual, has been rightly and loudly acclaimed for his revelation this week.

Life in the crass lane

8:00am Saturday 4th January 2014

NO ONE surely would deny the wish for former Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher to make a full recovery from his life-threatening skiing accident.

A little recognition for extra ordinariness

11:16am Saturday 21st December 2013

IF the BBC Sports Personality of the Year show can bestow unmerited glory upon certain sections of the sporting spectrum, then by golly so can this column.

Do NOT gamble with the future of football

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9:41am Saturday 14th December 2013

THE insidious effect of gambling continues to spread like malevolent serpents through sport, with football now held in its grip.

Dose of realism amid the froth of the World Cup draw

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11:35am Saturday 7th December 2013

SO many questions. Who (will we get), where (will we play) and when (what times of day). But the biggest question of all has to be why does it take so long to draw 32 teams?

Stressing need for sympathy

York Press: Jonathan Trott

10:00am Saturday 30th November 2013

THERE was a hugely refreshing change in tone and attitude when Jonathan Trott was forced by a stress-related illness to return home from the Ashes tour in Australia this week.

End of an era after opening of an earache

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8:00am Saturday 23rd November 2013

SUCH is the dizzying, dazzling pace of modern sport that no event is free from the blur of change. Amid all the frenzy, fervour and flummery there used to be the enduring standby of cricket. Not any more.

Pens-up emotions

York Press: England suffer again

9:49am Saturday 16th November 2013

IF you are of a nervous disposition, and not Scottish, then turn away now. The subject for discussion is penalties.

Getting shirty on votes for full face value

8:00am Saturday 9th November 2013

IF Che Guevara had been a footballer in this era of stratospheric hype his image rights contract would have made David Beckham resemble a vagrant.

It’s a right Tour de farce

York Press: Simon Dyson

8:54am Saturday 2nd November 2013

THERE are times when the governing powers of sport beggar belief. This week it’s the turn of golf and the impact has jabbed straight at the heart of York and North Yorkshire.

It’s time for action to end blight of racism

8:00am Saturday 26th October 2013

ENOUGH is enough was the exhortation of a clearly angry and dismayed Manchester City captain Yaya Toure after he suffered racist abuse while going about his business.

Sinister motives are Roy Hodgson’s bigger concern

York Press: England manager Roy Hodgson has been left bemused by the furore over his half-time team talk as England qualified for the World Cup finals in Brazil next summer

7:00am Saturday 19th October 2013

IN the week when the BBC announced the return of iconic children’s programme the Clangers, the clangour of England’s advance to next summer’s World Cup finals in Brazil grew louder than the soup dragon using a megaphone pumped through speakers racked up to number 11.

The figures do not add up in Qatar Cup farce

11:34am Saturday 5th October 2013

NUMBERS have never been more important in world football than those which, initially, lit up FIFA’s collective gaze and which are now plaguing the game’s international ruling body.

Rumbling duel beats all in sport comebacks

8:00am Saturday 28th September 2013

CHANTS of ‘YOO ESS A’ must have boomed out of San Francisco and been heard in New York in the wondrous wake of the home nation’s astounding America’s Cup conquest.

Heavyweight clout

York Press: Evander Holyfield, forefront right, at Henry’s Gym ahead of the visit to the gateway Centre foodbank

9:29am Saturday 21st September 2013

THERE was a time when I hated Ken Norton, the former heavyweight boxing champion who died, at the age of 70, at a rest home in Nevada this week.

Wonder if we should try 8-2-0 next time?

12:17pm Saturday 14th September 2013

JOB done, point gained, in our own hands, dug deep, did all that was asked – Kiev, the premier city of Ukraine, was the undisputed capital of clichés in midweek.

Greg Dyke points up same old vision

York Press: Greg Dyke

8:00am Saturday 7th September 2013

HE might be one of University of York’s alumni, an erstwhile Chancellor indeed, but Greg Dyke should also be awarded a degree in “stating the bleeding obvious” as a pent-up Basil Fawlty might exclaim.

Let’s all shout for Rickieeee...

York Press: Rickie Lambert celebrates his late winner with Steven Davis

9:26am Saturday 24th August 2013

THIS is one of those confessional pieces to which occasionally columnists have to own up.

Tykes it away for the good, the bad and...

8:00am Saturday 17th August 2013

WITH the exception of bad cheques, there is nothing in this world which travels faster than a pessimistic thought to the front of a Yorkshireman’s mind once he gets wind of optimistic news.

Father Time cruelly putting the boot in

York Press: Father Time cruelly putting the boot in

10:25am Saturday 10th August 2013

THIS column was initially to be about DRS, cricket’s decision review system, because if technology can’t get it right as has been painfully shown during the Ashes series, then why not just persist with human fallibility?

No room for any Ashes sentiment

8:00am Saturday 3rd August 2013

THERE is a school of thought doing the rounds suggesting Australia need to win the Third Test currently under way at Old Trafford for the Ashes series to continue to grip the nation’s sporting interest.

Never more in need of a clean getaway

York Press: The world’s greatest sprinter Usain Bolt

10:04am Saturday 27th July 2013

FOR many it will hardly seem like a year since the London Olympics started, such was the momentous impact the Games had.

PM – MP-urlease get your mitts off baubles

York Press: Andy Murray with his singles trophy

9:54am Saturday 13th July 2013

SPORT and politics should not mix, goes a saying as old as former Chancellor Denis Healey himself.

The tacky world of sport

York Press: Chris Froome leads Sky Procycling during this week’s Tour de France team time-trial

9:38am Saturday 6th July 2013

SKULLDUGGERY – what a word, what a notion – and dontcha just love it? If things are to be believed there was plenty of shady shenanigans in planet sport this week allowing genuine sports fan to lap it up and critics of all things sprightly and dutiful to tut-tut-tut to their cold heart’s content.

Lehmann of substance to rattle England’s confidence

York Press: TYKES HERO: Darren Lehmann

10:09am Saturday 29th June 2013

THERE once was a Dazzler (Darren Gough) who did the business for England, now another Dazzler could bring about the fall of this nation’s finest cricketers.

England land opening blow of Ashes summer

11:40am Saturday 22nd June 2013

ONE up, many more to play – first blood has been drawn by England’s cricketers against their fiercest foes Australia, though perhaps the intention to do such was why Aussie bad boy David Warner took a swipe at Yorkshire’s Joe Root in a Birmingham bar.

Lions roar in a sea of crimson – I can’t wait

York Press: British & Irish Lions’ Ian Evans wins lineout ball during the midweek tour match against a Combined Country XV at the Hunter Stadium, Newcastle

9:53am Saturday 15th June 2013

WHAT I’m looking forward to most is the noise. Or, more specifically, the roar – a guttural, hearty cry to arms that entwines with a blur of crimson surrounding the stadium as far as the eye can see.

Disarm yourselves and give bawl game a rest

8:00am Saturday 8th June 2013

IN the week that the Labour opposition revealed itself to be ConLib-lite, there are many who feel victims of sport’s annual summer betrayal.

Whatever happened to our ‘beautiful game’ Roy?

11:33am Saturday 1st June 2013

ENGLAND’S footballers play in Brazil tomorrow, just over a year away from the next World Cup being held beneath the sun-bleached skies of South America’s ballsiest nation.

Chill of summer turns ill for Garcia and golf

York Press: Spain’s Sergio Garcia

9:00am Saturday 25th May 2013

SUMMER’S here – even given the fact most cricketers are preparing for at least two-sweater days in the field and grass steadfastly refuses to grow at its expected rate.

NZ clashes to Ashes... and Ashes

York Press: Brendan McCullum

10:34am Saturday 18th May 2013

YOU’VE got to feel eminently sorry for New Zealand’s cricketers, who are currently trying to beat England in the opening Test of the so far shivering summer at Lord’s.

New brand manager

York Press: David Moyes is replacing Sir Alex Ferguson in the Old Trafford hot-seat

9:00am Saturday 11th May 2013

WELL – is David Moyes the bravest or most foolhardy manager in football history?

On cloud leonine

York Press: Sam Warburton,  captain of the Lions

10:19am Saturday 4th May 2013

TALK aplenty this week of Lions and pride and mane men and roaring confrontations – and while certainly clichéd, the hoopla and hype around the announcement of the Lions squad for the tour of Australia is well worth it.

Gnash and grab Luis Suarez gnaws at Liverpool's reputation

12:30pm Saturday 27th April 2013

PLENTY to get your teeth into this week, though far from palatable for Liverpool fans.

Rocket re-launching

York Press: Reigning  World Snooker champion Ronnie O’Sullivan

9:56am Saturday 20th April 2013

STRAP yourself in and prepare to be amazed. For if a certain Ronnie O’Sullivan can win the Betfair World Snooker Championship, after taking nearly a year off, it would surely take its place near the top of the table (no pun intended) in the pantheon of sporting achievements.

‘No silence’ is golden

York Press: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visits Hillsborough in the wake of the 1989 disaster at Sheffield Wednesday’s ground

12:18pm Saturday 13th April 2013

YOU can count on the fingers of the hands of the statue of the Venus di Milo the amount of times I have rejoiced in anything emanating from the dark side, namely Old Trafford.

Pass the Duce to right-hand side

York Press: Paolo di Canio

8:25am Saturday 6th April 2013

WHEN is a fascist not a fascist? When he is new Sunderland manager Paolo di Canio, of course.

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