MICK BORG has struck the first confirmed century in the history of the York CIU Snooker League.

The South Bank 'B' player hit 113 in his division one match against Dougie Orr, of Huntington 'B', and missed the black for a 120 clearance.

Borg's break beats the previous best, of 95, recorded in a top flight match 11 years ago and is the third break he can boast in the league's top ten best list.

Borg hit an 83 in February 2014 and a 79 the year before.

It's not the first time he has joined the century club either - having compiled a high of 116 in the Teesside League.

The Acomb Cons Club player, who also holds the highest break in the York Conservative Clubs' Carlsberg UK League this season with 87, said: "It was one of those things. I didn't think it was on at all. I ran out of position on 44 and didn't have a shot.

"I took on a risky blue into the bottom corner and came off two cushions and tried to split the pack. I got one red out and, from there, I thought that I wasn't going to miss. There were four or five reds left and and it was a matter of picking them off.

"The last red was down the side rail and I got out perfect on the black. All the colours were on their spots."

On his final black, Borg added: "It wasn't a gimme. I had under hit the blue to get on the pink and that cost me."

Borg still potted the last colour as he swept to a 127-0 victory in a 4-1 overall win for his side. South Bank 'B' are sixth in the division one table. He thanked all those who had given him goodwill messages since the break and said of his achievement: "I am surprised no-one has hit one before now.

"There are some great players in the league - like Clive Whyte and Dan Potter - and it is really difficult in one frame of snooker to get that chance. You have to try and make things happen as no-one is going to give you that chance."