CONTROVERSY careered around York's Coliseum II martial arts show which ended in an horrific injury and a 'U'-turn on a decision.

The drama centred on the eighth bout of the 13-contest show run by T-Bone Promotions owner and masters world kick-boxing champion Tony Dias.

One of the expected highlights of the event at York's Energise centre was the clash between Legions Thai-Boxing Club's Lee Hall and Tom Parchomenko of the Chokdee Academy - York's two principal Thai-Boxing gyms.

Both rivals went strongly into the contest, which after 90 seconds of the opening round took a bizarre turn.

Hall pointed to some damage to his left leg but was told to carry on by the referee with Chokdee's Parchomenko forcing his opponent into the corner.

Hall threw out another kick only to fall and have the suspected injured leg trapped under his body. It was then that the stricken Hall was caught by a kick in the head.

It was promptly decided by the referee to stop the bout with Hall in obvious distress, the official judging it a no-contest.

Hall was subsequently taken to York District Hospital where it was discovered he had broken his femur, necessitating surgery to insert pins and a metal plate. He was released from hospital only yesterday.

Promoter Dias revealed how, in the aftermath of the contest, there had been several exchanges on social media, which he deemed "disrespectful" to Hall's Legions gym.

It was decided that the fight verdict should be referred to the governing ISKA authorities, who announced the "no-contest" decision be overturned and the fight be awarded to Hall due to "an illegal strike on a downed opponent".

Added Dias: "The fight had been stopped for the safety of Hall, because that it always the paramount concern at any of the shows staged by myself and others in York.

"It seemed that when Hall first damaged his femur that, after he aimed another kick, his muscles contracted and possibly snapped the bone.

"With some stuff going on social media, the matter was referred to ISKA who opted to award the fight to Hall, who we are all wishing a speedy recovery."

If the Hall-Parchomenko spat provided the biggest talking-point, there were plenty of other stand-out bouts on the show.

Among them was a first round knockout success for Legions Club's Jordan 'Carnage' Carr over Paul Jeffrey of the Marsdens gym in Sheffield in the last collision of the night.

Both men had fought each other previously and the same outcome was repeated with Carr claiming the ISKA northern area K1 belt.

Another ISKA northern crown was captured by Hull's Evaldas Korsakas after a thunderous punch saw off Jamie Kirby of the Craig Long Black Belt Academy in York in the opening round.

A second round knockout victory, meanwhile, was posted by Nik Pavlovets of the United Martial Arts College, run by Dias, over Phil Airstone, another Craig Long Black Belt Academy fighter.

The third ISKA title showdown, a junior crown, went to Blaine Wilson of Barnsley. He took four of five rounds against his Birmingham-based adversary Corbin Henderson.

And there was victory too for Legions' Ian Houillebecq, who stopped UMAC's Dave Spowart in the second round of their contest.