ONE single day means York City must go to a tribunal over new signing Jake Hyde.

The 23-year-old striker, who is out of contract at Barnet, was unveiled at Bootham Crescent with his two year deal expected to be signed at the end of the month.

Football League rules mean, as Hyde is under 24, the Bees are entitled to compensation for a player who scored 27 goals in his two years at the club.

York made an offer to Barnet for Hyde but that has been rejected by their chairman Tony Kleanthous, meaning the tribunal will decide the size of the fee City must pay.

Hyde turns 24 on July 1 and York chairman Jason McGill revealed if the player, who he tried to bring to Bootham Crescent a year ago, had been born just one day later the club would not have to go down their current route in order to secure his signature.

But he said: "The rules are there. We made an offer to Tony (Kleanthous, Barnet chairman) and his valuation, or what he wanted, was very different to ours.

"The difference with this and last year is that Jake is now out of contract so, as opposed to being a transfer fee last year now we are now talking about compensation.

"There is a tribunal that decides all the factors and, based on those, they will make the decision of what the fee should be. It's not daunting for us. We had it last season with Ryan Bowman and we will see what the tribunal decides.

"We have an idea of where it is going to be pitched."

McGill said there was no animosity between City and Barnet - "You've got to try and get the best for your football club" he added - and expressed his delight at finally getting his man.

"It's fantastic," he said. "Jake has been a target of ours for quite some time now - at least 12 months - and while he was under contract with Barnet at the start of last season I did try and speak to the chairman and see if we could do a deal.

"Unfortunately our valuations were miles apart and we had to leave it. With Jake out of contract now we felt it was time to move. I am delighted that we have got Jake here."