SIX-HITTING martial arts aces are celebrating success at the Wado International Karate-Do Federation National Championships.

Bishopthorp-based Kai Sho Wado-kai sent a team of seven youngsters to the competition in Leicestershire, and they returned clutching six medals.

The club's first medal of the event was bagged by 11-year-old Angus Gibby, who won silver in his kata category after a spirited performance of ‘Kushanku’.

The club entered two of the team fighting events, with the Kai Sho 'A’ team of Owen Lewis, Henry Rice, Jack Scott and Josepth Curtis winning silver in the 12 and 13 year old section.

The ‘B’ team, aged ten and 11, comprising Angus Gibby, Jacob Mortimer and Harry Johnson took bronze.

The individual fighting categories brought an exciting series of matches, with the Bishopthorpe boys facing experienced members of the England squad.

Curtis took bronze in his weight category, a feat matched by Johnson, while the more experiennced Gibby won silver.

The team was accompanied by chief instructor Sensei Brian Williams and coaches Sensei Brian Hughes and Sensei Dean Cook.

Sensei Williams said: “This was another fantastic result for the club and the lads have again made me very proud, with every one of them coming back with a medal.

"I was particularly pleased with young Harry Johnson who, as an orange belt, is the least experienced of the boys and he displayed outstanding courage and defensive work in his fighting.

"Congratulations again from all the students and instructors at Kai Sho Karate club and overall a magnificent result.”