LEE TAYLOR and Roger Ward came out on top in the Dave Burdett Snooker Pairs Trophy final.

Representing Malton, the duo saw off Fulford's Simon England and Glen Mountain 2-1in a closely fought encounter.

In the opening frame, Mountain made an early 29 break to put the Fulford pair (+18 handicap) 48-9 ahead in the first frame but Taylor replied instantly with a 21 break.

The Malton duo went steadily ahead by laying snookers, and with good running, to lead 77-49. England added a black with the last red but the Malton duo gained four points from a fluke snooker by Ward to lead 83-57 and the Fulford pair needed a snooker.

They took green and brown but when Mountain fouled on the pink they conceded with the scores 89-64 - having given away 46 points in fouls.

In the second frame, Ward made an opening 16 break and Taylor followed with a 37. They led 53-22 after Taylor went in-off at the end of his break.

England replied with breaks of 14 and 16 and the Fulford team trailed by just one point. Ward potted the last red with the yellow but was too close to the yellow for his next shot, which he fudged.

Mountain sunk yellow, green and brown, England the blue and Mountain the pink to win the frame 73-57 and level the best-of-three frames match at 1-1.

In the third frame, Ward started with a 20 break only for Mountain to reply with a 13 break to add to the 18 handicap.

The Malton duo went 39-32 ahead but Mountain was left an opening with four reds available. He added a brown to the first red but had a kick on the second red and Taylor stepped in to clear up with a 41 break, the highest of the match.

The Malton pair won the frame 80-37 and the match 2-1. Tim Fillingham refereed and the trophy and awards were presented by Colin Robinson, chairman of York Faber Shield on behalf of the sponsor Steve Burdett.