MALTON'S Lee Taylor made it two wins in three consecutive finals in the York Conservative Clubs' Quickslide Scruton Snooker Cup.

Taylor beat Acomb's Adrian Barraclough, the tournament sponsor, 3-1 in the final at Fulford.

Barraclough conceded four points following Taylor's break off in the first frame and then went 34-5 ahead.

Taylor responded with breaks of 29 and 20 on the colours to win the frame 63-35.

Barraclough went 44-5 in front in the second frame with breaks of 16 and 17, but Taylor reduced the arrears to trail 45-21 and needed all the colours.

He gained yellow and green, but Barraclough eventually took the frame ball brown, leaving Taylor needing a snooker.

Taylor was forced to pot the blue but, with the black in the jaws of the right black pocket, a snooker was unlikely.

Barraclough was left an easy pink after a bout of safety play to win the frame 56-31 and level the match.

In the third frame, Barraclough again went ahead 31-8 but then slipped up when he tried to power in a red mear the left black pocket.

He failed with the pot, scattered all the reds and the went in-off. Taylor took advantage of the situation to build a 46 break, the highest of the night, to take the lead at 59-31.

After a foul by Taylor, Barraclough potted the last red and added a blue, but then needed all the colours.

Taylor took yellow, green and brown, and Barraclough conceded when he missed the blue. A 73-41 win put Taylor 2-1 ahead in the best of five frame final.

The Malton player went 18-1 up in the fourth frame and then added breaks of 32 and 19, while Barraclough could only add three reds as Taylor triumphed 69-3 to clinch the match 3-1.

Taylor was also awarded the high break prize for his 59 break in the semi-finals.

Richard Lillie refereed, while the trophy and awards were presented by Colin Robinson, of the Faber Shield committee.