SANDRA BRUCE fired a 140 in an 18-dart leg to secure victory for Magnet in their York John Smith’s Ladies Darts League division one clash with visitors Severus ‘A’ .

Davina Shannon won the opening game for Sev, but Tracey Watkinson, Wendy Shortle, Denise Fowler and Maggie Tottie were Bruce’s successful colleagues.

Tramways player Carole Layne also gamed in 18 darts and colleagues Jo Hodges, Sue Lowery and Kerry Goodall ensure they entered the pairs with a 4-2 advantage at Edinburgh.

Anthea and Claire Jamieson were the Edinburgh points scorers as the club side cleaned up in the pairs for a 7-2 result.

Michelle Britton, Dawn Exton and Lynne Thompson ensured Lions entered the pairs all-square with visitors Marcia ‘A’. Di Moreland, Becky Thompson and Babs Harrison scored for visitors.

Britton combined with mother Muriel for a 20-dart pairs leg, Michelle checking on a two-dart 100 to edge in front. Thompson and Anne Bass secured victory, Thompson closing on a two-dart 84.

Tracey Farmeary, Bev Harton and Sue Turpin were all double ton scorers for leaders City Supporters at Marcia ‘B’, whose Faye Hawksby and Linda Welch had given them the edge after the teams were tied at 3-3.

City’s sister act Bev Harton and Jayne Janes levelled to set up the deciding leg which saw Farmeary and Tina Platt snatch victory.

Burnholme took home a full house from Bootham Cons Club with Caroline Whittaker closing 71 and Sharon Neads hitting the tons.

With the teams tied at 3-3, Kate Rankeillor and Laura Gatenby edged Acomb into a 4-3 advantage at Slipper, then Sarah Rankeillor and Lisa Benton sealed victory before Elaine Metcalfe and Doreen Johnstone narrowed the gap.

Division two front-runners Severus ‘B’ had victory secured with a clean sweep in the singles before Leeman popped up to score a point through Margaret Yeomans and Denise Pittock.

Second-placed Ox were taken to the wire by visitors Burton, who played well despite being a player light.

Alison Walker and Linda Staveley sealed victory for the home team.

Green Tree are keeping Ox in sight as they won a tight contest against visitors Sun, whose Angela Fletcher and Alice Turgoose edged them into a 4-3 advantage.

Sonja Love and Alison Buckley set up the decider, which saw Janine Cartwright and Jackie Young snatch match points.

Woolpack were denied a clean sheet by Turpin pair Robin Waher and Becky Marmion.

l Application forms for the 2014 season should be in by March 20.