COLIN RICHARDSON and John Sherlock sneaked home on the pink to win 2-1 in the final of the York Conservative Clubs’ Paul McCready Memorial Pairs Snooker final.

The Heworth ‘C’ duo edged out club colleagues Fred Mallinson and Mark Robinson to lift the trophy.

Richardson scored 34 of the points as they went 39-16 ahead in the first frame. Robinson sank the last red and added a pink before he and Mallinson picked off the colours to the pink to lead 41-39.

Sherlock claimed the pink before Richardson was left an easy black to win 52-41.

A similar pattern developed in the second frame as Richardson and Sherlock moved 41-9 ahead, helped by 20 points from fouls.

However, Mallinson and Robinson fought back, potting a black with the final red and then all the colours to the black, where Richardson fouled to give them a 44-41 result to level.

Mallinson and Robinson trailed by six going into the colours in the decider.

Sherlock potted yellow and green, but Robinson sank the brown and blue.

Sherlock then decided the match with a long pink as he and Robinson took the frame 49-41.