THE need for speed will be addressed at the city’s first Rugby Speed Camp at York Sports Club in Shipton Road this week.

Junior rugby players will learn the secrets of lightning speed at the USA-style speed camp specifically designed for rugby at Clifton Park tomorrow and on Thursday.

Rugby Speed Camps have been operating for the last four years, with the first camp held in the rugby league hot-bed of St Helens.

Players will be taught speed and agility techniques specific to rugby and will transfer them into competitions and games designed to replicate match situations.

They will also experience strength and flexibility training that will directly affect speed improvements.

Rugby Speed Camp coach Phil Arkell said: “Everyone can improve their speed, especially children.

“Just a 0.1 second improvement can be the difference between beating a defender to score a try or getting tackled.

“The earlier you start to work on your speed and agility, the more likely you will reach your speed potential.”

The Rugby Speed Camp caters for both codes of rugby and is open to boys and girls aged nine to 15.

Further information is available by visiting the websites and