Heworth Cricket Club, who play in the Hunters York and District Senior League, have been awarded a grant from Sport England.

Treasurer David Baker outlined what the grant would be used for, adding: “The deal was for us to purchase new wicket covers and sightscreens.

“The ground was starting to look lazy and outdated, so the new facilities should help us to retain membership and promote cricket in the local area.”

Baker continued by stating what last year’s grants, from the National Lottery and Lloyds Bank Community Fund, was spent on.

He added: “I know it might not sound that interesting, but we needed a new boiler and a new roof.

“It helped us to retain and increase the membership.”

Heworth have also used some of their own saved funds, along with the grant, to buy a new electronic scoreboard.

“We’ve bought it, but it isn’t installed yet.” Baker said. “At most only half a dozen other teams in the league have an electronic scoreboard.

“If you don’t give the youngsters new stuff, they go elsewhere,” he added.

“It’s us saying, ‘we’ve got new equipment come along and join up’. Again it’s another way for us to retain the membership.”