SHEER hard attack has transformed Reece Morrill from enthusiast to power-packed punching prospect.

The 20-year-old, who has travelled from his Stamford Bridge home every Monday and Tuesday to help in the ten-month construction of Henry’s Gym, the new venture of York’s king of the ring Henry Wharton, is contemplating his own gloves affair.

And under the expert tutelage of the former undefeated European, British and Commonwealth super-middleweight champion, Morrill now harbours hopes he can be a big hit inside the ring and not just in his ‘appreciated’ endeavour in helping to propel the 10,000 square foot gym to the brink of being fully open for business.

Presently Wharton’s gym is undergoing last-minute sound-proofing work which delayed this week’s planned opening for a couple of weeks.

But an ever-present among “Team Wharton” which has undertaken the project of turning the former first floor of the disused and derelict former Regent cinema on Acomb’s York Road into the city’s biggest boxing gym, Morrill declared his intention to fight.

Wharton is convinced too that Morrill has the necessary qualities to become a ring warrior in his own right.

“When Reece first came here, off his own bat and at his own expense, to help in the work of building the gym, he was a bit shy and withdrawn,” declared Wharton.

“Over the past month he has been in training with me on the boxing front, and he has improved so much his ambition now is to fight.

“He’s not ready yet, but Reece will definitely fight.”

Wharton lavished more praise on the work done by the Stamford Bridge prospect, explaining the youngster’s characteristics were how he wanted his gym to be recognised.

“He has been an absolute gent and he shows what can be done if you are willing to put your mind to it and put in the hard work. The way Reece has approached everything gives you hope.”

Morrill said his uncle Dave Morrill used to spar with Wharton early in the York fighter’s career, explaining: “When I was a kid and my uncle would come to our house with the pads and say he had been sparring with Henry Wharton I always said that if Henry opened a gym I’d like to be involved.

“I remember when I first came here, the site was just a ruin and there was wood and rubble and dust all over the place. Now when you look at what has been done, it’s unbelievable.

“It’s the best gym in York, size-wise and in terms of facilities.”

Morrill, who has always been interested in boxing but up to now more as a spectator, added: “When I first started training with Henry it was mainly for fitness, but I’ve got the bug now.

“I’m getting the best kind of coaching and hopefully I will be fighting in the ring this year.”