PADDY McLaughlin has insisted he will never shirk a challenge despite the tackle that left him passing blood, suffering from concussion and vomiting.

The midfield clash against Bristol Rovers in mid-December also left McLaughlin with internal bleeding to his kidneys but the Northern Ireland U21 international returned to action at Chesterfield on Boxing Day with the aid of pain-killers.

He is now adamant he bears no psychological scars from the contest that saw him stretchered off with an oxygen mask strapped to his face a fortnight ago.

McLaughlin, did not hold back against Chesterfield and has vowed to compete for the ball in similar fashion, saying: “Tackling has always been part of my game.

“I know the gaffer gave me a bit of stick for it after what happened against Bristol Rovers, but maybe he was trying to make a bit of light out of the situation because I’ve never been one to shirk a challenge.

If the ball is there, I will always go for it.

“I’ve had plenty of knocks and bumps over the years and I don’t think I will ever be put off tackling.

I quite enjoy that side of the game.”

On his painful recovery from the injury, McLaughlin added: “It’s just starting to clear up now. I’d still been feeling a bit of pain during training but I had some pain-killers on Boxing Day and felt fine during the game.

“It looks like I am on the mend and I’m just hoping it does not keep me out of any games now.”