SHAUN MURPHY is hoping big game experience will help him be crowned the UK king for the second time.

The world number four came through an epic semi-final match against Ali Carter, prevailing 9-8 in a final frame thriller, to book his place in tomorrow’s showpiece and it will hardly be a new experience for the player nicknamed the ‘Magician’.

Murphy already has the UK Championship in the locker, having beaten Marco Fu in Telford in 2008, and burst onto the secene to win the World Championship in 2005.

Looking for his fifth ranking event title, Murphy is planning to use all he has learned from his big match pedigree to become one of just seven players to win the UK twice.

“That’s what experience is for,” he said. “I am looking to use all the little things I have learned over the years. I have played in finals and won and played in them and lost.

“I am going into the final having already won this tournament so I probably won’t be under much pressure. I have got a free crack at it.”

He added: “It would be nice to have one of the big three. I had a chance in January to win the Masters and complete my set of the BBC majors. That didn’t happen but to have another good run in this tournament – one I have done well in during the last few years – is very exciting.”

While a new attacking attitude has freed Murphy on the table, he also believes a wiser head has been responsible for his UK run.

“What’s happened this week is that all the little pieces of the experience I have gathered over the last few years has all come together,” he added.

“Win, lose or draw on Sunday I have had a really great week. I have gone back to my attacking play. My long potting has been good. I have had a bit of nous here and there that I never used to have.

“I have played quite clever snooker at times but the biggest thing for me is I have been able to keep my composure and never at any time has my head gone down.
“I’ve not been stomping around, been sulking, and have just got on with it.”