JAMES Lee became only the fourth Fulford player to win the York Conservative Clubs’ Les Hawkins Memorial Snooker Knockout.

He defeated Heworth’s Clive Whyte – twice a previous winner and four times a runner-up – in the 18th final at Bootham club, crucially helped by a fluked red.

Whyte (0 h/c) opened the scoring with the first red then cleverly played the brown to split the pack while holding the white in the baulk area.

The tactic was successful as he was able to build a 20 break at his next visit which wiped out Lee’s +19 h/cap.

Lee replied to lead 34-22 only for Whyte to fluke a red and score 11 before fouling the green but Lee still led 38-33.

He moved further ahead after a loose shot by Whyte to lead by 22 points with only two reds remaining.

Whyte gained four points from a snooker and a red and brown to trail by 13 points, then Lee had a crucial fluke on the last red while playing safe. He had an easy brown and went on to clear to black to win 80-42.

Match officials were Tim Fillingham, Alan Reed and Colin Robinson, chairman of the Faber Shield Committee. The cup and awards were presented by Derek Ward, president of Bootham Club.