UP-AND-COMING filmmakers from around York are looking for public help to create their interpretation of a Stephen King story.

The Death Of Jack Hamilton tells the story of the death in the 1930s of a member of the infamous John Dillinger gang.

Jamie Anderson, director and co-writer of the film, said the crew of 20 Yorkshire-based freelance filmmakers and film students hoped to shoot it in April, after buying the rights from King as part of the author’s Dollar Baby deal. The deal allows filmmakers to adapt his short stories into non-profit films for festivals or showreels.

Mr Anderson said: “We’ve raised about £2,000 for the film, but we’re another three months or so away from filming, so we’re hoping to raise about £5,000 in total. The first shoot will take place in York, hopefully, although we are still in the process of securing free studio space in the city. With this being an independent production, we require as much support as possible from the general public and local businesses.”

“I think we’re the first people to adapt this story. It will be quite intense, I’d imagine.

“If we get it finished by December, it will be entered into a festival in LA, and also possibly the Insomnia Festival in Barcelona.”