AN EAST Yorkshire couple have made an Olympic effort to get into the spirit for this summer’s games.

Angus and Tricia Mitchell of Burnby, near Pocklington, have had the iconic Olympic rings painted onto the side of their house.

The couple commissioned Melbourne painter and decorator Joss Room to paint the huge circles.

Mr Room was helped by his brother-in-law, graphic designer Jon Penny, who designed a template made from old cardboard boxes before the pair got to work.

Mr Room said: “It’s been the most enjoyable thing I’ve done.

“Jon would be on the opposite side of the road shouting ‘Up! Left! Down!’ while I painted the house – it was such good fun.”

Having decided they wanted to paint something on the usually white gable end of their house Angus and Tricia saw the 2012 London Olympics as the perfect opportunity.

Mrs Mitchell said: “We’ve always wanted to do something like this, and now that the Olympics are coming we thought ‘let’s do it’. Not many houses have the Olympic rings painted on them so it’s quite a talking point in the village.

“The comments from neighbours have been fantastic.

“We’ve had emails, letters and even thumbs up from people driving past. It’s quite uplifting to see.”

In preparation for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee later this year, the couple are adding a crown to their unusual artwork.

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