A FILM fanatic launched his own cinema this week in his cocktail bar 1331.

Sam Robinson, who owns the Grape Lane establishment with his wife Jan, has developed a new separate area in the bar to be used as an intimate cinema.

The 20-seater private cinema, called Brandy Brown's Little Cinema, was opened on Thursday for a weekend of preview events for friends and regulars of 1331.

Sam has made many films about 1331 and this development enables him to take his passion to the next level, said manager Alex Quinn, enabling him to show his own films, as well as providing more reasons for customers to enjoy 1331. The cinema also intends to work with York's students to give a platform for budding filmmakers to show off their work.

Alex said the cinema would open regularly for all sorts of events, including showing current feature films, cult classics, gaming nights, big sporting events or could be booked out for private functions.

“It's in a new separate area adjacent to the main cocktail bar with a very traditional glamour feel to it, such as the red carpet. It has individual reclining armchairs and a small low seat sofa at the front, with a standard cinema screen and all the modern sound equipment,” she said.

The name Brandy Brown was based on a myth that she was a famous “lady of the night” in the Grape Lane area, formerly York's red light district. They have since found out this is only a myth, said Alex, but they liked the name so kept it anyway.

“Because it's only a 20-seater it's quite intimate. We'll give chair service for drinks and offer a special cinema snack menu,” she said.