BRITISH Transport Police launched a special operation to crack down on drugs at York Railway Station.

Volunteer Special Constables took part in the operation with full-time officers from British Transport Police and North Yorkshire Police, in uniform and plain clothes, between 5pm and 11pm on Friday.

The team, which included a sniffer dog, found one person in possession of cannabis. He was given a warning and the drugs were seized and destroyed.

BTP Officer Harry Thompson said: “We frequently conduct drug searches on trains and in stations using a team of drug detection dogs to detect and deter people from carrying illegal substances.”

Special PC Jayne Seales said it was important for volunteer officers to be involved in such operations.

She said: “As BTP Special Constables, we have the same powers as regular police officers and contribute fully to the operation.

“It is a really rewarding job and makes me feel like I’m contributing by helping to clamp down on antisocial behaviour and other criminal activity to make the railway a safer place.”