THREE cheers for York firm BSC Filters who last night made history at The Press Business Awards at York Racecourse.

The high-tech designers and makers of revolutionary microwave and radio frequency filters in Osbaldwick, scooped The John Guy Memorial Award, the top trophy.

In doing so, BSC Filters became the first firm in the 19-year history of the awards to win the top accolade twice over. Back in 1998 it also clinched the Business Of The Year award.

Cheer number one, from the nearly 300 people who packed the glittering Voltigeur Suite, came with the announcement that BSC Filters had won the Growth Business Of The Year.

Cheer Number two came minutes later when the firm won the Large Business Of The Year.

But the third and loudest cheer came with its overall triumph announced by the presenter, broadcaster Colin Hazelden.

He pointed out that one of the firm’s projects was “worthy not just of praise, but of gratitude from the whole nation” as it worked on jamming devices “to reduce the effectiveness of roadside bombs which have taken such a heavy toll on our troops in Afghanistan.” Judges were impressed that in the process of designing and making complex microwave filters, diplexers and waveguide coaxial passive components, BSC had adopted “lean” techniques to increase output and margins with minimal increase in staff numbers.

Many of these improvements came about because of the direct involvement of the workforce and a culture of sharing success, and investment in people. The result: It was a world leader in its field, much of it in the defence and aerospace industries.

Steered by managing director Martyn Lee and his 50 employees, turnover this year grew by 51 per cent, from £2.92 million to £4.419 million, while net profits nearly doubled to a projected £1.456 million.

This reflects the fact that the company has captured 80 per cent of the UK market for its products while rapidly expanding into Europe.

This year 40 per cent of total sales were exports.

BSC’s victory is all the sweeter because The Press Business Awards 2009, with its theme, Reaching For The Top attracted a record-breaking number of entries in 15 categories – a point noted by the staff who were told the good news at their premises in Jorvik House, Outgang Lane, Osbaldwick, this morning.

Another major triumph last night was earned by Janice Dunphy who held on to last year’s Women In Enterprise Award with her Creepy Crawlies Adventure Park at Clifton Moor, York.

Ex-teacher Janice started her acre of fun at Cliftongate Business Park in Wigginton Road in 2004 by researching the best that UK play facilities had to offer.

It now employs 41 people, has seen a growth in turnover, a surge in profit and an increase in footfall.