A MAN has been jailed after carrying out a “vicious and sustained assault” on “a perfect stranger”, breaking her nose and throwing her into traffic.

Julian Glew, 47, walked past the woman as she sat at a bus stop by York railway station at about 5.45pm on March 2, then doubled back and repeatedly punched her in the face. He then grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her into the road, where she lay bleeding, and he walked away as motorists stopped to help her.

Ian Mullarkey, prosecuting, read a statement from the woman - who was left with a broken nose, two black eyes and bruising - which said she was still distraught by the assault, and had to force herself to leave the house each day.

She said: “I am walking with my head down, afraid to look anyone in the eye, afraid someone is going to punch me in the face for no reason. I am having nightmares and bursting into tears for no reason.

“I’m scared of the thought of this man being allowed to walk our streets, that this man could do this to me for no reason and could do this to someone else. I do not want anyone else to live through the trauma I am going through.”

The court heard Glew - who was previously jailed for slashing tyres of 190 vehicles in Pocklington over two nights in 2016 - had not engaged with a psychological test or a pre-sentence report, and had committed the attack while on conditional discharge for criminal damage and after a recent community resolution order for assaulting another member of the public.

Alex Williams, for Glew, said his client had committed his first offence at the age of 45 but had no relevant convictions. He said Glew had refused the opportunity to go into hospital for treatment when a place was available, and had been unable to engage with probation “due to his lifestyle”.

The court heard Glew had no fixed address, but had lived in the woods of Pocklington for about nine years, or with acquaintances in the York area during winter months. He pleaded guilty to actual bodily harm on the day he was due to stand trial.

Judge Paul Batty QC called the attack “a vicious and sustained assault”, which had left the woman with physical and psychological injuries, and told Glew “the gravity of the matter permits me to step outside the sentencing guidelines”, as he sentenced him to three and a half years in prison.

Judge Batty said: “I note you are a Buddhist and have considered becoming a Buddhist monk. I would simply add it was a very strange way for a Buddhist monk to behave the way you conducted yourself on this particular day.

“Whether or not you approve of society or the social mores in which we live, the fact of the matter is you cannot go round assault wholly innocent members of the public.

“That part of the road in the city of York is in fact the busiest part of the city network and it is simply by good fortune that a bus, car or taxi did not run her over. Of course, that did not bother you as you simply marched on your way.”

Judge Batty praised the efforts of student Lawrence Risi, who was picking up his girlfriend Laura Anderson from the railway station at the time of the attack.

After seeing Glew assault and throw the woman into the road, the pair followed him in Mr Risi’s car, and captured images of him using a mobile phone.

Their footage was then handed to North Yorkshire Police to assist with their investigation, and helped bring about Glew’s prosecution.

Judge Batty praised the couples’ presence of mind, and said they would be given a High Sheriff’s Award for their efforts.

He said: “In my judgement, as well as receiving praise of the court, they ought to be modestly rewarded and will be given £300 each.”