A GROUP of student ambassadors are heading to Malawi to help supply teenage girls with feminine hygiene packs.

Year 11 girls from Manor Church of England Academy in York, are to travel to Malawi as Ambassadors for the Days for Girls project at the end of the month.

Simon Barber, Principal at Manor Academy, said: “We have helped reduce the overall aids rate in Malawi by having one non-uniform day a month and donating half of the proceeds. We’re going to see the work for ourselves and help with the Days for Girls project. People that have previously been before said it’s a life changing experience.”

Issy Sanderson, workshop coordinator, said: “It’s wonderful that manor academy girls are going to become our ambassadors.”

Days for Girls makes easy to use, feminine hygiene kits for girls in developing countries that last three years. Allowing girls to maintain a full education, the kits change lives.