FEW bands could dream of selling out the Barbican two nights on the bounce but it's easy if you have been ever present since having the country feel for you as a wronged husband in Marion & Geoff.

With TV hits like Gavin & Stacey, The Trip and Would I Lie To You?, tickets sell themselves.

His support Scott Bennett had the room in stitches from a standing start winning over the crowd with his rapid delivery brimming over with endearing content.

Brydon entered the bare stage to the warmest of welcomes. Within two minutes, he had roused the room with a song and sent a heckler back under his seat. He commented how he doesn't attract a young edgy crowd. He isn't edgy and he doesn't need to be. R.Brydon is more R.Corbett than R.Brand!

This was a lesson in working a room, lining up the ingredients to create a feel-good show on the seat of his pants.

Brydon worked the 1,500 seater like a music-hall stalwart. He trusts his ability and experience, appearing as relaxed as enjoying a jacuzzi on a P&O cruise.

His I'm A celebrity...If They Had Real Celebrities acted as the perfect vehicle for his impressions, both dead and alive.

He then cavalierly created and performed songs, on the spot, based on crowd interaction a la Whose Line Is It Anyway? and pulled it off!

His name-dropping anecdotes about Fab Macca, Mick Jagger and Steve Coogan, who he laughingly describes as "'a Nineties' comedian", amused with a textbook Alan Partridge impression.

Few shows feature a cast of Ken Bruce, Dick Dastardly and Al Pacino and end with a bucketlist-fulfilling rendition of Elvis's Burning Love.

Tonight's show will be different but Brydon trusts his ability with whatever the room throws at him. He can create a sherry trifle with flour and water!