THE events in Manchester last week at the Tory party conference really beggar belief and lead to the question as to whether or not the Tories are on their last legs.

First, a self-acclaimed comedian managed to gain access to the conference hall and got within inches of the Prime Minister to hand her a fake P45 (not before time).

Whatever happened to the security which our Prime Minister is allegedly in charge of?

Then the PM suffered a frog in the throat and struggled to complete her speech (could it be that she will struggle to complete her tenure of office?).

All the time this was going on the stage set was falling all around her. Hopefully the final act of a dying party, but not before Theresa May managed to inform the country that her Government is to invest £2 billion in council housing.

Only 40 years too late after the catastrophic right-to-buy programme.

The Tories must be crackers to wonder why we are having a housing crisis.

She is totally inadequate as a Prime Minister and her Brexit negotiation team are making a laughing stock out of Britain.

The electorate will not need to vote her out at the next election.

The Tory party will either get rid of her or she will quit before an election is called.

Howard Perry, St James Place, Dringhouses, York