CANS, cables and scrap foil is being turned into money to support a York charity by a local mum.

Karen Nash from Stockton on the Forest has been collecting aluminium foil and cans to be recycled for money to support SNAPPY, the charity which works with children and young people with learning difficulties and physical disabilities, including Karen’s 13-year-old son Peter.

Karen said Peter”absolutely loves SNAPPY”, and the charity has been a big part of his life for years, building his confidence and helping him keep active in the school holidays.

She said: “I took part in the ‘eat the pie, save the foil’ scheme four years ago, and put fliers and posters out at school and the local response was great.

“I’ve put collection boxes in places I visit regularly and through SNAPPY people bring their foil and cans and leave it there. I bring it home and sort it and when I have a carload take it to the dealer and they write me a cheque for SNAPPY. I’ve collected 90-100kg a month and this year started taking household cables too, because copper in the cables is quite valuable.”

Soon, Karen will take charge of the recycling bins at supermarkets around York previously run by the York Area Group to support the NYMR, as the group ceases its collections.

She said: “I went and spent some time with them on Monday, to have a chat and find out how their operation works. I think they are carrying on until the end of the month and they will let me know when they shut up shop.

“I raised £65 last month, which can be spent on anything SNAPPY want, there’s no restraint on them. I’m told the bins being in 50 to 80kg a month, which is nearly double what we’re getting in at the moment, which will make a massive difference to them. That’s fantastic, but I might have to rope in some family and friends to help out.”

Karen said she accepted “it’s going to be a lot more work”, but she was determined - along with her husband Ollie and youngest son Andrew, 10 - to help the charity which has helped her family so much over the years.

She said: “Peter has home and school, and SNAPPY is the only other place suitable for him to go, so it’s great he’s got that opportunity to socialise and have fun with his peers outside the home environment.

“I’m making money out of rubbish, it’s only costing me time, and if that’s raising money and awareness for SNAPPY, that’s good for everyone.”