MORE traffic cameras could be on the way for York in a bid to stop drivers using lanes reserved for buses.

Council bosses are considering putting automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras in two bus lanes around the city, and a trial has already been approved for a third location.

The cameras - the same technology that is used to catch and fine drivers using Coppergate - would see fixed penalty notices sent to drivers caught using a bus lane through Foss Islands retail park, and using a bus only entrance to Rawcliffe Bar park and ride.

A council spokesman said it was likely there would be period when warning letters alone were sent to drivers, before the penalty notices are introduced.

The trial that has already been agreed will see a new ANPR camera go in on Low Poppleton Lane, between the old and new sites of Manor School. The road has long had a restriction stopping private cars using it, but the rising bollard installed to let buses through is now broken and “beyond repair”, according to City of York Council.

Neil Ferris, director of economy and place, said: “If the bus lane enforcement recommendations are approved, officers will then develop proposals for cameras and clear signs at Foss Islands Road Retail Park and Shipton Road by Rawcliffe Bar park and ride.

“This is the first time we’ve introduced additional measures to change driver behaviour, so the original decision – and any further proposals – will come back to a members' decision-making session.”

At Low Poppleton Lane, an officer decision has already been taken to try out an alternative to the broken rising bollard.

Mr Ferris added: “The introduction of cameras will be a trial, and because we’re introducing it through a change in the traffic regulation orders, we’ll still gather feedback from the public before a final decision is made by the executive member.”

Cllr Ian Gillies, the executive member for transport and planning, will decide whether to push ahead at the other two sites at a decision session on Thursday.

A report written by transport staff at the council shows they looked at several bus lane sites around York.

ANPR cameras cost around £15,000 to install and will be triggered once a vehicle has travelled 50m in the bus lane, it says.

At Shipton Road, around 100-200 “non-permitted” vehicles frequently pass through the bus lane in the afternoon peak, while at Foss Islands surveys have shown “occasional abuse”. Sites like Tadcaster Road and The Mount would be difficult to enforce because cars have to cross the bus lane to park, it adds, and at some sites the officers want to carry out more research to find out how bad the abuse is, and if enforcement measures could be introduced.