MANY of you question the Ear Trust as it is in Bradford.

May I assure you that it is the only place doing this wonderful work of giving deaf little ones a hearing life wherever they live throughout Yorkshire.

York, Leeds, Scarborough etc, they all have to go there to be given a cochlear implant.

Some of these children have severe sight problems and other physical disabilities, but if they can be given hearing even though it is “bionic”, it opens up their life to being able to socialise and be accepted. To not be isolated and therefore introverted.

If that has answered your query may I now ask that you help them please?

Give Eunice a ring on 01347 810325 if you have any old jewellery, watches, unwanted items, which you would donate.

These, when taken to auction, help to buy items needed in assessment, repair and after care.

The auction house sells free of charge and make a cheque out to the Ear Trust so no cash is involved at all.

It’s a vital work and your help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Eunice Birch, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York