REPRESENTATIVES of rank and file police officers have dismissed a proposed pay rise as “just not good enough”.

Yesterday, the Government announced a pay rise for officers which would see local forces required to fund a one per cent rise in basic pay, along with a one per cent lump sum for one year only.

Brad Jackson, deputy secretary of North Yorkshire Police Federation, said the details of the rise showed a lack of appreciation for the work done by officers.

He said: “Police officers work tirelessly to serve their community and help others. They regularly deal with, and experience, incidents that impact heavily on their wellbeing which can have a huge affect on their families as well. On occasions this can result in retirement from the police service."

He added: “The national federation provided an evidenced case requesting a 2.8 per cent pay increase for our members who, due to changes in certain remuneration are already taking home on average 15 per cent less pay than they were seven years ago. The award of two per cent, of which only one per cent is pensionable, is just not good enough.”